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Fechter in 2014.

Aaron Fechter (born 1954) is the creator of The Rock-afire Explosion.

Creative EngineeringEdit

Fechter originally founded Creative Engineering to mass-produce a car he had designed called the "Jutta", which was able to get approx 90 miles on a gallon of gas. He then became fascinated by animatronics and created Willie Wabbit, Friendly Freddy, The Confederate Critter Show, the Bear Country Jubilee, The Hard Luck Bears, The Wolf Pack 5, The Rock-afire Explosion, The New Rock-afire Explosion, and many others.

Showbiz PizzaEdit

Fechter was hired by Bob Brock to create the animatronic characters for ShowBiz Pizza Place. He would later perform as a voice actor for the restaurant's shows.

Looney Bird'sEdit

Fechter was the founder of Looney Bird's, which began operation in 1997. It has been said that he was very involved with the operation of the location in Orlando, Florida. Two other locations also operated, one in Covington, Louisiana and the other in Jackson, Tennessee.

Voice ActingEdit

This is a list of all of the characters Fechter has performed.

The Wolf Pack 5Edit

  • The Wolfman
  • Queenie the Fox / Mini Mozzarella
  • Beach Bear

The Rock-afire ExplosionEdit

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