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This article is about the Studio C character. For the character on the Uncle Klunk stage, see Murray D. Bird.

Bird is a green parrot with red wings who is Chuck E.'s sidekick as shown on the Studio C Alpha and on Studio C Alpha Beta Mix stages. On stage, he resides on a perch, and often announces for Chuck E. and the band.


Bird was originally designed to give Chuck E. someone to talk to on stage for Studio C Alpha (The plan originally was to phase out the other characters, however this plan was stopped.). Originally Bird had a more prominent role on stage, but later disappeared into the background, where he is today. Now, Bird will not talk, except for doing back-up singing and occasional announcing. However, he will move around and flap his wings to the music.


  • May '98 (Studio C debut)
  • April '99 (Studio C only)
  • August '99 (Studio C only)
  • Memory Match flash game on the official CEC website
  • Costume Party (Studio C only)

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