The ShowBiz Pizza Campground stage was used at some ShowBiz Pizza Place locations from the late 1980s until Concept Unification. It was a simple stage retrofit for the original Smitty's Super Service Station backdrops on stage left. This was done to make The Rock-afire Explosion shows at Showbiz more unique (as compared to the shows in other restaurants at the time).


The stage conversion was a relatively simple one. The Smitty's Super Service Station backdrop was removed, and the trees from center stage were relocated behind Billy Bob, giving this stage the appearance of a campground. The campfire was left on the stage, but the wire tubing was removed. Additionally, Looney Bird's oil barrel was repainted green, giving it a more "natural" appearance. The only new prop was the signpost which used the updated "ShowBiz Pizza" logo. It had a vine wrapped around it, an additional red hankercheif as well as a lantern topping it.

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