aka useless shirt

  • I live in in a house with a roof walls and floor, in unicorn landia where magical rainbow unicorns fart glitter
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am female goldfish
  • FurbyLover1

    Hey people! This is a bit late. I went to Crystal lakes CEC which has a Studio C alpha! It is in very good condition! I have a few videos. When you are watching them, Make sure to excuse my voice. My phone makes my voice sound weird. so let the videeos roll in!

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  • FurbyLover1

    As you can tell, I just got back from CEC rockford! It was a long drive, But it was worth seeing the show! The pizza was great, I asked for 4 tootsie rolls at the prize counter but i got 5 instead! And an employee gave a little girl and my sister free tickets from the big bass wheel! The animatronics were great! A birthday show went on once, and chuck did not move at all, and he does not have a hat like he should have. Anyways, I sat at a table near the birthday area with my cousins where we could see the stage perfectly. Towards the time when my family was leaving, I took a video about helen singing about her dream date with chuck. e chese. Chuck had a way different idea of a good time! All of my attention seemed to be turned to jasper. I…

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