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  • I live in Aspen Hill, Maryland
  • I was born on May 30
  • I am male
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    I'm sure I will draw the ire of many fans of The Rock-afire Explosion by quoting the opening line of The Rolfe and Earle Show, which ran on stage right at ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurants while the Concept Unification stage conversion was underway. However, just like after Concept Unification, I believe that many will notice some "groovy changes", and "some new faces here at ShowBiz" as well.

    A lot has gone on here in the last month. The most obvious change is that the ShowBiz Pizza Wiki has a new look to it. The design is reminiscent of the "Phase 1" remodels of ShowBiz and Chuck E. Cheese stores that were completed in the late 1980s. That remodel created a more open space by opening up new windows in the wall between the show room and the …

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